We, the Students . . .

“We, the Students . . .” provides a platform for thoughtful reflections arising from the student body of Baylor University, and is addressed to our esteemed faculty, administrators, and regents. This blog conveys the sentiments of numerous current Baylor students and is not affiliated with nor approved by the University or any of its constituent parts.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Our Plea:

We, the students of Baylor University, with a view toward the healing of our cherished alma mater, and in hope that our petitions will be taken to heart by you, our esteemed professors, administrators, and regents, whom God has placed in positions of power and authority for our well-being and instruction, offer the following pleas on behalf of literally thousands upon thousands of our like-minded classmates.

We abound in love for our university and we believe that you do as well. We have grown increasingly anxious, however, in response to the escalating tensions of the past two years. We ask: are we—the students—still Baylor’s raison d'être? Do you still have our best interests at heart? We ask because we are certain that your continuing division, strife, and conflict are not to be found among our best interests.

We realize that you have likely felt wounded by the conflict at some point over the past two years. Believe us, the current atmosphere is certainly not what we bargained for when we elected to come to Baylor, either. But please understand that we suffer from every wound that is inflicted on any member of the Baylor family. Do you feel the lasting effects of your wounds? Take a moment, then, to consider how we are being affected.

Moreover, do not believe that we are neutral or indifferent with respect to the greater ideological issues currently facing our cherished university. We overwhelmingly support the robust implementation of Vision 2012, with special regard for two things: the commitment to academic excellence and the reaffirmation and strengthening of Baylor’s commitment to be an intentionally and unapologetically Christian university. Could this be otherwise? We don't think so. For not only have we caught this Vision, we are Vision 2012—in the making!

So should we—the students—still consider ourselves Baylor’s raison d'être? If so, then we desperately implore each and every one of our professors, administrators, and regents: please—PLEASE!stop this insanity that has gripped our campus for far, far too long. Please seek to heal our wounds and yours and join us in uniting around the Vision. We have the highest hopes for our cherished university. We can do nothing but trust in you to make the right decisions regarding our future.

Please, show us that we are in good hands.