We, the Students . . .

“We, the Students . . .” provides a platform for thoughtful reflections arising from the student body of Baylor University, and is addressed to our esteemed faculty, administrators, and regents. This blog conveys the sentiments of numerous current Baylor students and is not affiliated with nor approved by the University or any of its constituent parts.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Extension Of Our Plea

We--the students--now reiterate our original plea (below) to our faculty and administrators: Please, stop perpetuating the insanity that has beset our campus for far too long. We extend our plea especially to those who continue to disseminate destructive commentary in publicly accessible online forums: if you truly love Baylor, if you genuinely care for us--the students--please, cease this damaging activity and join us in restoring an atmosphere of collegiality to our cherished university.

We further extend our plea to individuals involved with external networks initially organized to oppose the former administration: with a fresh administration on the way, be mindful that the Board of Regents, the Faculty Senate, the Student Government, and we--the students--all have expressed overwhelming support for Vision 2012. Much of the Vision is already a reality; to seek to hinder us from further realizing our goals is to seek to harm us, that is, to harm Baylor itself. Please, for the sake of Christian integrity, honor our right to pursue the goals we have set for ourselves.

Thank You, Regents

On Friday, July 15th, our Board of Regents issued a resounding affirmation of Vision 2012. After a three-day retreat in which they discussed the issues of faith and learning and the roles of teaching and research, the Regents unanimously adopted a resolution stating Baylor's commitments to "continue to recruit and hire highly qualified faculty who are committed Christians" (emphasis added).

Regents, we express our sincere thanks to you for your very clear and decisive affirmation of these bold commitments. As you know, we indicated in our original plea (below) that we--the students--share your special regard for Baylor's commitment both to academic excellence and to maintaining (and strengthening) our identity as a Christian university. Moreover, we are excited by your stated expectation that "every faculty member . . . examine and consider how his or her faith impacts his or her professional life." Thank you for the clear direction with which you have provided us all; your resolution has done much to alleviate our anxiety.

The following is the full text of the resolution which the Regents adopted by a unanimous vote on Friday, July 15th:

"Resolved, that the Board of Regents of Baylor University reaffirms its commitment to Baylor 2012. In furtherance of Baylor's commitment to outstanding teaching, Baylor will continue to enhance opportunities for research and scholarship among its faculty. Baylor will continue to recruit and hire highly qualified faculty who are committed Christians, including Christian scholars and scholars who are Christians. We expect every faculty member to examine and consider how his or her faith impacts his or her professional life. The Baylor Board of Regents reaffirms its commitment to the University's historic Baptist heritage."