We, the Students . . .

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Letting The Good Times Roll At Baylor!!

We have something we have been needing to get off our chests for a very, very long time. Ready? Okay, at the risk of sounding way over-exuberant, here it is: Yeeeee-hawwww!!! We love Baylor!!! Yeahhhhh!!! We are sooooooo excited to be here!! -------Okay. There.

Now, we admit that seeing it typed like that makes us look oh-so-cheesy... Unfortunately, words typed on the screen just can't do justice to the collective excitement that we all feel at our being at such an incredible university as Baylor. To really understand, you’d have to see it on our faces as we go about our studies or our socializing with one another. Part of what excites us so much is that many of our professors are every bit as jazzed as we are at the freedom--nay, the expectation!--that we actually take our Christian faith seriously--and that both inside and outside the classroom. For many of us, there is absolutely no place on the face of the earth that we would rather be. There is certainly no other university that we would rather call “alma mater.”

We are here at Baylor at a moment when our cherished university is poised to realize its most ambitious Vision ever. We are simply incapable of imagining a more exiting time to be here--and what is more: we don’t think this incapacity is a result of a lack of imagination on our part! In, say, 2050, when our descendents look back at Baylor as it is at this very moment, we believe they will see this time as one of the pivotal moments in our institution's proud history. These years will be seen as the time when we fully embraced our calling to be the bold, academically rigorous, and unapologetically Christian university that Vision 2012 has said we will strive to be! We are so exited to be here. So forgive us if we indulge in a little more cheesy excitement. Yeeeee-hawwww!!!