We, the Students . . .

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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Suppression of Free Speech Or Mere Uncollegial Behavior?

We, the students, are shocked--shocked!--at the behavior of our fellow students. We say "students" because we are convinced that no Baylor faculty member or administrator would perform such cowardly and malicious deeds...

What are we talking about? Well, over the past week, hundreds of flyers which point folks to this very weblog have been distributed across the Baylor campus. Many of these flyers were placed on bulletin boards and other public spaces. As it happens, dozens of these flyers have suspiciously disappeared within hours of their posting. We--the students--suspect that foul play is involved.

What could possibly motivate someone to pass over so many other flyers, choosing to remove only ours? While we have yet to study psychoanalysis in any of our classes, we believe that we are equipped to make a relatively decent educated guess as to why that may be. It seems that someone on our campus does not wish for our voice--the voice of the students--to be heard. The cowards who are trying to keep us from expressing our plea to the rest of our Baylor family deserve nothing but our collective condemnation.