We, the Students . . .

“We, the Students . . .” provides a platform for thoughtful reflections arising from the student body of Baylor University, and is addressed to our esteemed faculty, administrators, and regents. This blog conveys the sentiments of numerous current Baylor students and is not affiliated with nor approved by the University or any of its constituent parts.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We Need Your Help

We, the students, need your help. We are soliciting suggestions for creative ways of communicating our message specifically to the portion of the Baylor faculty and administration who have not yet heard our plea. We especially would like to hear from Baylor faculty members in this regard. All input will be kept strictly confidential. E-mail us at nospam@yahoo.com (but be sure replace "nospam" with "wtsofbaylor" in your "To" e-mail address box--writing the instructions like this helps prevent our e-mail address from being picked up by automated "spamming" programs designed to collect e-mail addresses from webpages).

We appreciate all the encouraging e-mails we have already received from various faculty members (you know who you are). We also appreciate all our visitors, both first-timers and the faithful "followers" who visit each day. All we ask further is that if you truly love Baylor, help us get our message out to those who need to hear it. As we noted in our last post, there is apparently an element on our campus that is working to prevent our plea from reaching the ears of our faculty and administration. We are asking you to aid us in simply letting our voice be clearly heard.