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Monday, October 03, 2005

Baylor Student Government Resolution, Exactly One Year Later

Exactly one year ago today, the Baylor Student Government passed a support resolution (CS 52-13) to "urge the Faculty Senate to withdraw its request for a University wide referendum . . . on President Robert Sloan." As we all know, the Faculty Senate did not heed the plea of our Student Government and went ahead with the referendum.

But the resolution did more than simply plead with the Faculty Senate. It also noted Baylor's predominantly positive atmosphere, as perceived by the student body at the time: "Baylor is having a tremendous fall semester. The freshman class is one of the most enthusiastic in years. Two Baylor students won gold medals at the Summer Olympic Games, bringing Baylor University worldwide acclaim. Our Men's Tennis team won Baylor it's first ever National Championship. World renowned authors, scholars, artists, musicians and theologians have continued to visit Baylor's campus to speak to students and faculty. Our new facilities have opened and are being used by thousands of students and faculty every day."

The atmosphere of a little over a year ago certainly was a relatively positive one, even if we--the students--did have a growing, anxious awareness of the divisive elements which were quite suddenly beginning to insinuate themselves into our lives. Indeed, this is no doubt why our Student Government went on in the resolution to make the following declaration: "As stated in Ecclesiastes 3:7, there is a time to tear and a time to mend, and students believe that it is time for our campus to be mended and healed."

We know that the divisive elements in our midst did not take the opportunity to mend, but instead chose to tear apart the positive atmosphere that the student body enjoyed. Nevertheless, exactly one year later, we, the students, believe that it is never too late to join the side of healing and growth. Even a year later, it is still time for our campus to be mended and healed.