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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

What About Us, Marv?

On October 14th, the Baptist Standard posted an editorial that named "four major stakeholding constituencies" which should be represented on a proposed "reconciliation task force": the regents, the faculty, the Alumi Association, and the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Later that very day, we, the students, were informed of the editorial; after reading it, we were quite concerned that perhaps the single most important "stakeholding constituency" had been left out: us--the students.

We immediately e-mailed the author, Mr. Marv Knox, with the question, "What about the students? Shouldn't our concerns be heard?" We have yet to receive a substantive reply to our question, but we do look forward to hearing a response from Mr. Knox.

We would like to note, however, that the editorial board of the Waco Tribune-Herald has taken up our cause in this matter, if even ever so slightly. In an October 23rd editorial, the board listed Mr. Knox's four constituencies and then made the following comment: "A constituency he doesn't mention, but which would be equally valuable in providing a voice and direction, is students."

Thanks for that, Waco Trib.